Rex Ryan defends team outing at Dave and Busters

Written by SLAdmin on November 19th, 2013

Many in the media have been critical of Rex Ryan’s decision to take his entire team to the Buffalo Dave and Buster’s the night before the Jets’ 37-14 trouncing by the Bills in week 11. Several Buffalo Bills players even called it “disrespectful”.

Ryan however defended the decision, saying it wasn’t meant to be disrespectful. “I don’t know why that’s added motivation (for the Bills). We do different things when we’re on the road,” Ryan said. “We went out as a team, so that’s what we did. I just try to build some camaraderie.”

But several sources are reporting there was a bit more to it.

“Look, he’s my coach but come on,”, said a distraught Geno Smith, “a pretzel dog eating contest the night before a game is a really bad idea. I think I threw up 5 times during warm ups.”

Center Nick Mangold was equally critical, “It was ridiculous. They can call it a “skinny margarita”, but they get you just as drunk. I’m pretty sure I slapped Mark Sanchez at one point.”

Ryan however, stood by his choice, “If guys can’t hang, then you don’t belong on my team. And yeah I won. I’m the coach, the alpha male. I ate more pretzel dogs than any of those sissies and then I downed a plate of steak Alfredo just to rub it in. Playing hungover builds character Sally.”

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