Jacksonville Florida has run out of medication

Written by SLAdmin on November 30th, 2013

First things first. Your reverse fantasy football HQ results from week 12 saw me beat the adversary with a brutal (tender) combination of Jason Campbell and the Washington Racists Redskins defense. I didn’t see the game, but I’ve heard at least one report claiming that Jason Campbell gave himself a concussion as a result of getting hit in the head by one of his misfired balls. As to the adversary, I can’t confirm at this point, but he’s either dead or just utterly committed to sticking with Jacksonville on both sides of the ball until the wheels fall off (Of course I hope it’s the latter). Speaking of Jacksonville.

You know I currently reside in Florida. I’ve been to Jacksonville several times. I like Jacksonville. It’s a good looking city and there’s actually quite a bit to do. Plus Amelia Island is right next door. However the residents of Jacksonville have apparently descended into complete madness. I make none of this up:

The City of Jacksonville is organizing a tailgate party for this Thursday night. What follows are actual quotes from a Jacksonville news site.

  • Mayor Alvin Brown said, “Night games are always exciting for Jacksonville. We are a football city that’s always ready for a big game.”
  • “We can’t emphasize enough how important a packed stadium is to us. We have been very impressed with the support that the fans have showed us throughout the season,” said Coach Gus Bradley.
  • “Families are encouraged to bring the kids to the interactive Kids Zone, and anyone with a game ticket will have free access to the Bud Light Beer Garden. The Beer Garden will offer free beer tastings accompanied by games such as the Army / Navy Outdoor Shooting Gallery. More adventurous fans can ride a mechanical bull.” – The Jacksonville Daily Record.

So, let me get all this straight. 5,500 people apparently now counts as a packed stadium in a “football city”. Said “football city” would like me to bring my hypothetical children to an outdoor venue where I will drink copious amounts of Bud Light and engage in small arms fire. Oh and there’s a mechanical bull if that gets boring.

You know, that actually sounds a lot better than what I’m doing tonight. Ok Jacksonville, I’m a fan again – go Jags.

– J


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