Texans sign TE Brad Smelley to their active roster

Written by SLAdmin on December 19th, 2013

The Texans looked to add some depth to their tight end corps by promoting Brad Smelley to the active roster last Friday. It’s good news for Smelley who was recently let go by the Browns. Team reaction was mostly positive.

DeAndre Hopkins said, “There’s a guy named Smelly on our practice squad? Sure there is. He must be Poopy McCraperson’s roomate.”

It’s quite an uplifting story for the Alabama native who was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the 7th round only recently to find himself unemployed. The Tuscaloosa native actually played quarterback in high school, so making an NFL active roster as a tight end really speaks to his physical ability as well as his motivation and work ethic.

JJ Watts added, “His last name is Smelly? What’s his first name, Dickhole?”.

Interim head coach Wade Phillips, who has final say in all personnel decisions, had this to say about his newly promoted tight end, “I’m exited about Smelly. He’s a smart player and a great motivator. I threw my lunch tray at him earlier today.”



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