Christin Cooper tries to put Bode Miller incident behind her

Written by SLAdmin on February 17th, 2014

Over the weekend, Bode Miller became the oldest Alpine medalist in Olympic history, winning a bronze medal at 36 years old. Bode dedicated the medal to his younger brother Chelone Miller who died in April.

Post race, Miller was interviewed by Christin Cooper for NBC. Cooper angered many viewers with what appeared to be a line of questioning designed to make Miller cry. In response, NBC has dismissed Cooper from the Sochi games and reassigned her to the 2014 NFL scouting combine, which begins on February 22 in Indianapolis.

Trying to put the incident behind her, she’s already has a chance to interview Missouri’s Michael Sam, the NFL’s first openly gay draft prospect. The transcript follows:

Cooper: “Michael Sam, very courageous young man, thanks for spending a moment with me. Let me ask, does being gay ever make you cry?

Sam: What? No, I’m proud of who I am, so is my family.

Cooper: Interesting. So when you’re on the field and you look at the quarterbacks’ eyes to get a feel for where he’s going to throw, does the gayness factor in there?

Sam: Huh? No, the last thing on my mind is sex. I’m doing my job as a defensive lineman, I want to sack the guy.

Cooper: Gotcha. NFL pants are pretty tight don’t you think? As a gay man, what do you think about NFL pants?

Sam: Are you being paid for this?

Cooper: I am. Michael do you ever wonder if your dad would have been even more proud if you weren’t gay?

Sam: What kind of a question is that? You’re a professional reporter for NBC? How is that possible?

Cooper: Michael I want to ask you as a gay man. Right now, somewhere in this world, a child is in a hospital bed with a terminal disease. He’ll be dead in moments. His doctors are powerless to save him. All his parents can do is stare at him for his final waking moments and watch him slowly die, with each breath he takes, shorter and shorter, a part of them slowly dying.

Sam: What? That’s so horrible, why would you even say tha… (At this point, Sam breaks down into tears) “That’s not even a question you sadistic bitch!”

Cooper: Michael is the gayness making you lash out?


Christin Cooper strikes again.

– J


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