Tampa Bay Buccaneers unveil new uniforms

Written by SLAdmin on March 4th, 2014

Earlier today, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers unveiled their new NFL Uniforms for the 2014 season, with significant input from Nike. “It really defines the Buccaneer as a modern superhero for the future,” said Todd Van Horne, Nike’s creative director for football.

We reached out to the entire group that worked on the design of the exciting new uniform for comments. Team lead Daniel Garner elaborated, “We started with quite a few concepts for the uniform design. Each was great in it’s own way and you can see all the influences in the finished design. We finally started with a style we called ‘Budget Constrained Mighty Morphin Power Ranger’.

“However, as time went on we wanted to give it a hint of ‘Ousted Victorian Noblewoman’.”

Garner continued, “We wanted to keep challenging ourselves. While we were pretty happy with the design, we came up with a great idea that really moved the process forward. At lunch one day, we said ‘Let’s try to imagine the result if we literally said ‘Design us a football uniform’ to a Chinese automaker.’”

“We didn’t stop there. Other influences included ‘B-Movie Science-Fiction Villain’, ‘Video Game Henchman’, and ‘Olympic Ice Dancer’”.

“And then out of nowhere we had our light bulb moment”, stated design assistant AJ Franks, “There was no doubt, we finally had the winner. We settled on modeling the uniform after ‘That group from 4th grade that came to your gymnasium to sing about reading’”.


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