Houston Texans cheerleader accepts prom invitation

Written by SLAdmin on March 6th, 2014

A Texas high school student has had his dream come true. He’ll be taking an NFL cheerleader to his high school prom.

Encouraged by a friend, 17-year-old Michael Ramirez, a football player from Crosby High School, got the courage to get on Twitter and ask Caitlyn, a Houston Texans cheerleader, to accompany him to the prom.

“I was all, like, ‘Well, if I get 10,000 retweets, will you go to prom with me?’” Ramirez recalled. Caitlyn said her “immediate reaction was, ‘Absolutely.’”

“When I got to school, that’s when it started going up more and more,” said Ramirez. “I got to 3,000, 4,000. I got from like 6,000 to 8,000 in maybe like 30 minutes.” Ramirez hit 10,000 retweets and got the confirmation from Caitlyn, “I’m excited. I feel like I’m back in high school. I get to pick out a dress. I get to get my hair and make-up done.”

It’s quite a cute story that demonstrates the power of taking a chance. However not everyone is having a positive reaction.

Crosby High School Principal Greg Bower commented, “I really can’t support this. She’s well into her twenties and Michael is an impressionable young man. As the highest ranking school official, I’ll keep close tabs on them the entire evening. That being said, Mike Ramirez is my freaking hero. Have you seen this girl? I’ve literally had a boner for 7 straight hours thinking about it. She’s totally going to be prom queen.”

“No I don’t think it’s cute.” said Caitlyn’s enraged husband. “She’s a married woman. So what, I get to sit home and watch Sharktank while she’s going to third base with this kid under the bleachers? It’s complete bullshit.”

“She’s such a whore”, added fellow cheerleader Regina Fairchild, “Enjoy spending tomorrow at the free clinic with your shiny new case of herpes, Michael. Nobody asked me to the Crosby High School Prom.”


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