Texans cut 72 players, get down to 3

Written by SLAdmin on August 29th, 2014

The Houston Texans are the latest team to get under the 75 man roster limit. However, they are the only team at the moment to have shattered the roster limit, reducing their active roster to 3 players. When reached for comment, head coach Bill O’ Brian explained, “We set out to start really strong this year, so we made a list of every player we felt couldn’t cut it at the pro level. After releasing them, we’re down to 3. No question, those 3 will have to step it up.”

Among the players cut were Brooks Reed, Tom Savage, Jawanza Starling, Dwane Brown, Andre Brown, Randy Bullock, D.J. Swearin.., oh you get the idea, essentially anyone who isn’t named Brain Cushing or JJ Watt.

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