Tom Coughlin responds to Adrian Peterson situation

Written by SLAdmin on September 15th, 2014

Many NFL players, assistants and coaches have expressed shock at the indictment of Adrian Peterson for child abuse charges. However, Giants head coach Tom Coughlin went a step further, holding a press conference after Sunday’s loss to address the situation.

“Today’s decision was made after significant thought, discussion and consideration,” Coughlin said. “This is clearly a very important issue. On Friday, we felt it was in the best interests of the organization to step back, evaluate the situation, and not rush to judgment given the seriousness of this matter. To be clear, we take very seriously any matter that involves the welfare of a child. This is a difficult path to navigate, and our focus is on doing the right thing. Currently we believe we are at a juncture where the most appropriate next step is to cut Eli Manning.”

Asked how that move related to the Adrian Peterson situation at all, Coughlin continued, “Look, we’re not making the same mistake that we did with Ray Rice. There is no video in this case. There will not be a video in this case. But that does not minimize the severity of this case. Releasing Eli Manning is the right thing to do and we will not delay in doing the right thing.”

Pressed further Coughlin asserted, “Look, I’m not going to take any questions. This is a serious matter and we’ve addressed it how we think appropriate. You may think child abuse is no big deal, but the Giants organization takes it VERY SERIOUSLY. So Eli Manning is no longer a member of this football team.”

Eli Manning Has Been Cut

– J

So the Giants have cut Eli Manning. Meanwhile, on the reverse fantasy football front, THE TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS ARE THE WORST TEAM IN THE HISTORY OF TEAM SPORTS GOING BACK TO ORGANIZED PALEOLITHIC ROCK KICKING. First the good. The Chiefs defense – a SOLID 0. Eye of the margay, guys – way to focus. That foundation should have allowed my starting quarterback, um, Austin Davis (?), to propel me way into the negative.

Who is Austin Davis

How did Austin the-belfry-of-capacity Davis perform in his first game against the mighty Tampa 4th Grade Spelling Bee Finalists (Defense)? 235 yards, 0 turnovers. You’re making the baby Tebow cry, Tampa.

The Skin Flute Players, week 2….. +7.10 points.
I’ll right this ship somehow.


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