NFL to discipline Geno Smith after F-bomb usage

Written by SLAdmin on October 2nd, 2014

Rex Ryan and Geno Smith sat down Monday to discuss the postgame incident Sunday, when Smith cursed out a fan. “It’s a mistake and I don’t think it will happen again to Geno,” Ryan said. Smith is facing discipline from the NFL this week after the incident, for unsportsmanlike conduct by a first-time offender.

“I’m aware that my actions, that what I did is not right, so I am subject to a discipline”, Smith said. “Whatever the ramifications will be, I will accept them.”

Roger Goodell worked to close the matter quickly, making both Smith and the Jets organization aware of his decision in a statement released early Thursday. “Geno needs to represent the NFL better. The fans and especially children should not be exposed to such behavior. We hope Geno can learn from this experience and move forward quickly. So, on Friday, Geno Smith will be fined $1,500. And his left hand will be cut off.”

The statement continued “Now I know some of you might think this a bit harsh, but I assure you, both myself and our attorneys have based this decision on a thorough review of the collective bargaining agreement as well as some loopholes we found in Islamic law. Initially I wanted Geno Smith stoned to death, but the NFLPA took issue with that. A multi-game suspension was also considered, but both sides eventually agreed that the combination of severing his left hand in public, as well as a fine of $1,500, would teach Mr. Smith a valuable lesson.”

As if we needed more evidence that Roger Goodell is insane, there you go.

Roger Goodell Is Insane

On to this week’s negative fantasy football action.

Week 4 saw the Skin Flute Players go with Jacksonville on defense and the not at all aptly named “Titans” quarterback Charlie Lyndhurst (I think). So buckle in – next stop Negativazakhstan…..

Defense: Jacksonville’s defense was dependable and deplorable as always, collapsing like the champions they are and yielding a very solid -5.00 in their “performance” against San Diego. Philp Rivers and his 78 children and counting were all able to score with ease against this unit.

QB: You have got to be kidding me. Charlie – Jesus holding a clipboard – Whitehurst absolutely profaned my best efforts. While he had pick, 3 sacks, and lost a fumble, he also threw a touchdown for, I don’t know, moral reasons? The sun got in his eyes and he accidentally threw the ball to a Titan? Someone in Tennessee actually wore shirt under their denim coveralls and that confused him? Ugh.

+ 3.94

Whatever Charlie Whitehead. Sure I have no opponent this year and I can’t even get close to 0, but that just strengthens my resolve. I’m calling it (i.e., this won’t happen under any circumstances), as sure as Philip Rivers’ wife is either pregnant or soon to be pregnant or was pregnant a short time ago or just found out she’s pregnant even though she’s been pregnant for 6 months already, next week there will be a minus in front of my score.

– J


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