Jaguars apologize for mascot making Ebola joke

Written by SLAdmin on October 6th, 2014

The Jaguars have apologized for their mascot using the Ebola epidemic to mock the Pittsburgh Steelers’ terrible towels during Sunday’s game between the two teams. During the fourth quarter of the game, “Jaxson de Ville” held up a handwritten sign that read “TOWELS CARRY EBOLA” while waving a yellow terrible towel.

Jacksonville Ebola Sign

Jaguars president Mark Lamping said the team had no prior knowledge of the sign and is handling the matter internally. “Improvisation and humor have both been key elements to the character of Jaxson de Ville, especially when he performs at home games,” Lamping said. “On Sunday, the person who has played Jaxson de Ville over the past 20 seasons made an extremely poor decision in that regard. He is very regretful for any harm he may have caused.”

Curtis Dvorak, who has been playing de Ville since 1996, mimicked the sentiment. “I’m really sorry. I was being silly and just meant to do anything I could to deter the people from Pittsburg from waving their towels around. I now realize that making a sign indicating the towels have Ebola was in bad taste. It won’t happen again. In that spirit, I’ve come up a new sign for the next time the Steelers come to town. You know, something that would truly confuse and disgust somebody from Pittsburgh:

People from Pittsburgh are fat

– J




Fat Steeler Fan


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