Rex Ryan insists the Jets are not dead

Written by SLAdmin on October 15th, 2014

Rex Ryan’s team is a total mess this year, as the Jets have spiraled to a 1-5 record.

Fresh off their latest loss to the Denver Broncos, Ryan and the Jets are now face New England on a short week who showed up strong on Sunday. Despite another season of disarray, Ryan is still hopeful. “My message is pretty simple: Hey, we might be counted out, (but) we’re not dead,” Ryan told reporters Monday, according to The Associated Press. “We are going to fight our tails off.”

Ryan elaborated, “Imagine we’re a patient in a hospital with Ebola. Is that dead? No, it most certainly isn’t. The Jets are not dead. Are we just like a guy in the ER who’s been shot in the heart but the bullet is lodged just right so that he’s not bleeding but if you were to remove the bullet he’d hemorrhage profusely and be dead in seconds? Yes, we’re exactly like that. Notice, however, that guy isn’t dead. The Jets are not dead.”

“You could also imagine we’re like a utility worker who was struck by lightning while working on a traffic signal, fell 30 feet to the pavement below, broke his neck, then got run over by a cement truck and is currently gasping his last few breaths. Is that guy dead? No, what part of still breathing don’t you understand? The Jets are not dead. Are the Jets very similar to a severed head lying a bucket of heads that’s just been guillotined and still has the ability to move its eyes and remaining conscious for 15 seconds before perishing? Completely. The key point there? Conscious. The Jets are not dead. Next question.”

Rex Ryan Is Insane

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